Monday, May 11, 2015

Turtle Time

import turtle
def draw_triangle(side_length, depth): if depth == 0: return counter = 0 while counter < 3: counter += 1 brad.forward(side_length/2) if depth > 1: brad.left(120) draw_triangle(side_length/2, depth-1) brad.forward(side_length/2) brad.right(120) brad.left(240) if __name__ == "__main__": window = turtle.Screen() window.bgcolor("white") brad = turtle.Turtle() brad.shape("turtle") brad.color("green", "green") brad.speed(5) brad.begin_fill() brad.right(120) brad.forward(128) brad.left(120) brad.forward(256) brad.left(120) brad.forward(256) brad.left(120) brad.forward(128) brad.left(120) brad.end_fill() brad.color("green", "white") brad.begin_fill() draw_triangle(128, 3) brad.end_fill()
What does the last bit of Code do?
The last bit of Code which happens to be window.exitonclick() shuts down the window when you click. :)
The window variable is = to the turtle screen which displays the program itself. Python already knows what exitonclick means through built-in method retrievals.

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