Tuesday, September 29, 2015

python encode/decode

Python Codecs

codecs.encode() uses ASCII coding to encode python data..

codecs.decode() uses ASCII coding to decode python data...

Used for primarily unicode...

Most common are UTF-8 and UTF-16

Encoding data has been a huge development in computers and the internet, finding approriate standards to encode and decode this data was and still is a difficult task.

The ASCII chart shows us keys that match to certain characters, using decimal, binary and hex.

Different char formats like the UTF's are compatible with certain browsers and programming languages.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

BI Envrio

What is a Business Intelligence Environment? And how does a BI have anything to do with technology?

Getting the fullness of your business is essential to keeping your business strong. With Technology we find that we can have a high statistical change in business effectiveness if we improve our Business Intelligence Environment. Our BI environment can be drastically changed if keep our software and hardware updated as well as the people who run and manage them.

Business Technology is a whole new area of industry specifically tailored toward making Business software, hardware and firmware to detail our business's worldwide.

I just recently found out what the term BI actually means, but I've always though how business can be effected through Technology. A good study for any IT student would be to find the correlations between Technology and Business development. Increasing Business Technology is a great way to make your business run smoother and faster. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Alan Turing

So I'm reading a paper by Alan Turing and in it he asks the questions, can machines think? 
So of course this got me thinking, can machines think? Do they have a expression of thought that we could examine. 

In some ways, they already do, but the logic they used is fixed and rarely makes errors like we would assume. 

The reason a computer (for the most part) accomplishes billions of tasks a second is because it is sending information at an incredible speed through a logic pattern that doesn't change. 

These logic patterns however evolve into more unique and specific patterns as computers develop. 

Turing was one of the several men who developed the Turing machine to break the enigma code during WW2. He also wrote a ton of very important mathematical documentation that is still used by code-breakers and mathematicians today. 

Check out some of Turing's work and analysis of numbers online and be informed :)