Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Coursera Internet History

Explaining Network Technology

                Network technology is a constantly advancing field of knowledge and for the past 30 years it’s been evolving exponentially. People all over the world use Network Technology to dive deeper into thought, organization, and communication. Early scientist dreamed of ways of connecting the world, through a giant network system.
                Now today we use networks every day, from the home, to the business all of use networks to transfer data, and communicate with others. The Networks of today are comprised of layers that each do a specific objective. All of the layers are used to move data in a reliable way.
                When the military created the DoD we had small networks such as ARPNET different small college networks that were linked up and ready to transfer data. Most of this was not in the public eye at first but eventually it started becoming a normal thing at colleges, and in corporations.
                There are many different Network Technologies available today, which include cabling, computers, routers, and switches all of which take data and use or move it in some way. Could you imagine not being able to read your emails! This type of thought is quickly becoming a huge concern to sociologist and people of the sort.
                There are thousands of networks right now, probably millions and billions of electrical devices linked to, hooked up, and assigned to specific networks. Eventually we will need to transform the way we network into an easier more practical way. Right now your computer is assigned two specific names, an IP Address and a MAC Address.
                With the advent of IPv6 which is a name convention we will quickly see networks becoming easier, and more able to change for Admins, and more user friendly.  Network Technology itself isn’t always the easiest thing to deal with, maybe your cables aren’t transferring Data, or your Computer won’t turn on, there are many things that prevent a network from actually starting, and maintaining.
                More people than ever now use the Internet to transfer Data store information, and contact different people. With the continuation of network technology in all different areas of the world I don’t think it will be long before we have a network in every country, and continent. Network Technology has changed in many ways. Information itself is being found in different aspects and different views.
                How can Networks help you? Are you someone who has information you need stored? Or perhaps you need someone in Los Angeles to find a message from Florida. Regardless of what you look forward to using a network for, I’d say there is almost a 100 percent change you’ll find yourself using one sooner than later.
                How do you see yourself using a Network? Most people use networks for emailing, instant messaging, and storage, but there are many different ways a network can be used. Networking is becoming a fast growing field for study and for structure. I ask that you yourself take time from you busy schedule and use a network, see how it works, and how it is animated by the transfer of data and information. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

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