Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Code idea

So I got this idea for a program recently, and although my programming skills are still very basic. I thought I'd at-least list it out...

Basically it's a program that captures sound note's from music of really any type and changes them into different noises, from funny, to scary to anything really you can change the sound of your music. 

I know you can do this is the music industry, but I want to try it in a smaller environment and I'm not necessarily doing it for music I'm doing it to see how to convert sound to different sounds! 

So these are things I need to know, first and foremost I need to write python effectively. I need to be able to grab the sound files that are uploaded and parse them into little sections. These sections need to be small enough to encompass a single note yet big enough for me to code. I'm not sure exactly how to do this yet, but I know if I keep practicing python I'll be-able to.

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